Toshiba PDR-3300 PDR3300   Hewlett Packard Photosmart 945 HP945

This isn't meant in any way to be a comparison of these two cameras. Obviously, there IS no comparison, other than they both take pictures, hehe. Anyway, I just thought some may be interested to see the difference between the performance of a $350.00 camera and a $700.00 one.

Most of the pictures on the website have been taken with the Toshiba pdr-3300 camera. Though they are all shot in full size, they are all resized to reduce download times to view pictures. Here are some samples that are fullsize.

Why don't I keep using it? Well, I was at Toshiba's website the other day and decided to take Toshiba's advice and upgrade my firmware. Though the firmware upgrade went perfectly (installation wise) when I was done, the freaking thing wouldn't work at all.

Around 2004-01-20, I emailed Toshiba via their website, but they never responded. David Chesson at Nortown Photo Service in Mississauga responded to my email, and he explained that I am pretty well screwed.

Thanks for your help, Toshiba! I'll be sure to buy another Toshiba right away, okay?
Oops, didn't buy a Toshiba. What a shame, their product *was* great. Their service I've experienced is poor, and let's face it, that's not what people are looking for these days.

Almost none of the pictures on the site have been taken with this one, yet! I just picked it up the other day from London Drugs.

I initially went to Staples to get it, because they had it marked down to Can.$649.00, but when the useless little sales guy decided to treat me poorly, I walked out and went to London Drugs. It's only about a minute away from Staples and they price matched without a problem.

Never thought I'd say this, but there is something to be said for good old commisioned sales people, at least they try to sell you something and might even offer some assistance when asked! Staples has no commisions sales people.

Here's a review of the pdr-3300. I like Steve's Digicam reviews. I used it to find the Toshiba, and later to find my HP. Here's one review of the hp-945 and here's another. You have to just love the internet as a resource.
Here's a sample of the limited zoom with this camera. I must say, if it wasn't for the Canon lense, I bet it wouldn't even get this good. Well now, for another 300 I expect some zoom on this puppy. I'm not disappointed.
Let's check out the closeups . Generally, you can't get too close but once, with just the right light, it worked nicely. Here are some closeups from the hp. It's not microscopic, but it's pretty good! The lens get's in the way of the flash, I'll have to work on that.
Oops, no digital flash here. It does have a remote control to shoot pics though. Here are some examples of the digital flash . Very cool!

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